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Why Purchase These New Products?

Key Ring Charging Cable

If you are someone who tends to forget their charger home, work or a friend’s place, this product is for you. Attach the Key Ring Charging Cable to your laptop bag or key chain: the perfect accessory when you’re in a rush! Having four colours to choose from – black, silver, rose gold and pink – allows you to match the colour of the cable with your phone, backpack or any other accessory.

In addition to the USB plug, the Key Ring Charging Cable has three types of connectors: USB C, USB micro and an iPhone one, meaning that it’s compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices, including not only phones but also headphones and speakers. Carrying around a charger like this one won’t just save the battery of your phone – it can save someone else’s too, regardless of the device they have!

Key Ring Charging Cable

Leather Bracelet iPhone Charger

In case you’re still worrying about leaving home without your Key Ring Charging Cable with your keys or bag, the Leather Bracelet iPhone Charger is your solution. The stylish bracelet with snakeskin design matches whatever outfit you are wearing and completes the look. No one will guess you’re wearing a charger!

The charger is compatible with all iPhone and iPad models: plug the USB connector into a socket or a laptop and don’t spend any extra time untangling chargers or trying to find them from the bottom of your bag.

Leather Bracelet iPhone Charger

Leather Bracelet Charger and Key Ring Charging Cable Gift Set

With Fathers’ Day coming up in the UK next month, taking a head start with ordering this Gift Set for a relative – or yourself – is an excellent idea. As it is a gift set, you won’t have to worry about packing either. Because of the uniqueness of both products, the recipient is unlikely to have either the Bracelet Charger or the Key Ring Charging Cable.

The price of the Gift Set is unbeatable: £29.99 for both Leather Bracelet Charger (£24.99) and Key Ring Charging Cable (£11.99). This means that by buying the Gift Set you’re saving £7!

Leather Bracelet Charger and Key Ring Charger Gift Set

Altogether, these products ensure you never have to worry about forgetting your charger home again. They save you from the trouble of carrying around a tangled bulky cable and are all convenient accessories not only for your device but also as a part of your outfit. All the products have a one-year warranty.