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Why Purchase the 3 Pack of iPhone Chargers?

Why Purchase the 3 Pack of iPhone Chargers?

The main reason for purchasing the 3 pack of iPhone chargers is the value for money, for only £15.99 you are getting 3 genuine cables. The standard price for one on many websites can be anywhere between £9.99 £19.99.

The standard price for a single one is £7.99 which is still very good value, but with this deal you are getting an additional one for free. One for your home, one for work and one for the car.

All our products come with next day delivery as well, so if you're cable has just broken, you can receive a new one the next working day.

We are so confident and passionate about the first class service we offer that we do a 1 year warranty on the cables, any issues with them and you can just email or ring us and we will resend them, no questions asked!