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Top Apps for Keeping You Healthy and Fit

Keeping fit has never been easy, and the pandemic and lockdown have made it even more difficult. Luckily there are some apps that can be used to find more motivation for working out and track your progress! These are our recommendations.

man running on road near grass field

1. Strava

Strava is one of the most popular health and fitness apps – with over 42 million user accounts – and for a reason. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track your walk, run or cycle. You can share your workout with other users, write notes on your workouts, set weekly goals for different activities and track your progress. Strava even keeps track of the elevation gain and loss during a workout!

Why not have a friendly competition with your friend group or colleagues to see who runs, walks and cycles the longest distance?

2. Drink Water Reminder N Track

Drinking more water is an easy way to make your everyday life a bit healthier, especially if you drink less sodas and juice as a result. Humans are composed of about 60% of water and water is crucial for living, yet most of us drink too little of it. Your daily water need depends on your body size, but it should be two to three litres. Keep in mind that your body’s need for water increases if you exercise as more water is lost in sweat. Exercising while being dehydrated will decrease your performance too.

On Drink Water Reminder N Track you can set reminders for drinking water and track how much you have drunk lately. However, don’t go over the top with drinking water either: drinking too much water too quickly can have fatal consequences.

person holding empty clear glass bottle

3. Instagram

Even though Instagram isn’t designed solely on workout and fitness purposes, social media can give you an extra boost for training. There are hundreds of great users to follow and thousands of workout videos to watch. Some users are certified personal trainers and give hints on technique for free while some have even created their own businesses and sell work out plans and apps for reasonable prices. They will keep you motivated!

woman wearing black shirt sitting on green yoga mat

4. YouTube

YouTube isn’t exactly made for fitness either, but the number of workout videos available for free is endless – you will be surprised! Especially yoga, pilates, mobility, resistance band and stretching workout videos on YouTube are worth checking out. You can train for free with the instructor – almost like being in a class! You can ask for someone to join you for a partner yoga session.

If you are interested in starting strength training or want to bring your workouts to a new level, check out Fitbod, which we have written more about in this blog! Remember that consistency is the key to getting results from working out!