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Top 3 Mobile Games in September

If you’re into mobile gaming like the other 2.4 billion people in the world but are still stuck on finding a new game to get into, we’ve researched the top 3 mobile games downloaded in September 2020. Check out our reviews on them and get playing!

Scribbler Rider

This multiplayer game was the most downloaded game in September 2020 and it’s not the kind of game you would expect.

Scribbler Rider isn’t your usual pick up and play game, in fact it has a very unique play style to it and it’s very entertaining. It’s a multiplayer racing game with an unusual twist.

You ride a motorcycle across a tack which can include stairs, moving objects and even ice. But you don't control your vehicle (motorbike) how you would expect. You use a small trackpad at the bottom of the screen to draw tyres on your bike to get you around, over, under or across each part of the track.

So for example, you need to climb some stairs? You’ll need to create stair shaped tyres to get over them. If you’re moving across ice you need to make sure you draw wide enough tyres to keep you from sliding all over the place. 

Although this game may sound strange it hit 44.6 million downloads in August, so there must be some playabilitty to it right? Check it out in the App or Play store and give it a try.

Cube Surfer

Cube Surfer is a great pick up and play game with nice soft visuals and soundtrack. This is the reason it was the second most downloaded game in 2020.

The game is similar to Temple Run, you control your player by moving side to side collecting blocks which then allow you to get over obstacles.

You’ll also come across special ‘gems’ which you can collect to help you in the later levels which get extremely hard.

This game is free to play and definitely worth checking out if you want something simple and fun to quickly play on your commute to work or whilst you're waiting for your dinner to cook. 

Tie Dye


3rd on the list of the most downloaded games in September 2020 is Tie Dye. If you’re looking to test your creative side and relax at the same time, this is the game for you.

You start this game off with a basic set of colours and tools to create your own 3D tie dye shirt. As you progress throughout the game, you get more tools and more colours.

This game has a very simple style to it which is why it's perfect for unwinding after work. 

2020 the Year of Mobile Gaming

Although the COVID pandemic has caused a rise in mobile gaming this year it’s not the only reason. Newer phones are enabling game developers to create even better games for us all. IIf you haven’t yet delved into the world of mobile gaming, there couldn’t be a better time than now.