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The Post-Covid-19 World

The pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives in more ways than what was imagined. Right now predicting the future is more difficult than ever before, but we have listed some things that are likely to change for the next few years at least, if not forever. 

1. Travelling

People are likely to become more cautious with travelling abroad and therefore prefer travelling within their home country instead. This means more road trips, hiking and, the new hit, fat-biking in the areas that are not densely habituated, so keeping a distance is still possible. Road tripping with motor homes might become more popular too!

man driving car during golden hour

2. Working

As many have had to work from home during the lockdown, some will notice that they prefer working from home over working in an office. Thanks to technology, it’s simple to have meetings online. The need to travel abroad for work is likely to decrease because of this too. Distance learning will become more popular too as online lectures can be saved and listened to afterwards as well.

3. Online shopping

When tourism, restaurants and gyms have suffered during the pandemic, online shopping is living its best days. Online shopping has been made easy and delivering quick, so its popularity will never go back to what it was before the pandemic.

person using laptop computer holding card

4. Cash or card

Right now, it is smarter to use a card instead of cash when paying, and some shops won’t even accept cash. Using a card is more hygienic and will increase its popularity even more. In the next few years it means that very little cash will be used and basically not needed anymore.

5. Artists

Because large festivals can no longer be organised, artists and musicians are suffering. However, organising small live concerts in a pub can take place with social distancing. It’s still difficult to imagine some artists to perform in front of a small crowd, but the smaller ones that need few instruments and equipment to perform can manage for sure.

row of four men sitting on mountain trail

6. Seeing friends and relatives

Even though zoom meetings for work might be nearly the same as having them in real life, video calling your friends is definitely not the same as seeing them in real life. Talking to your grandparents on a video call can be difficult too. After the lockdown we will appreciate the time that can be spent with others even more.

7. Hand sanitizer

The three things that are likely to be remembered from lockdown are masks, hand sanitizer and toilet roll. Hand sanitizer is likely to stick with us for a long time, so seeing sanitizer dispensers will become a part of everyday life even after the pandemic.

8. Not taking things for granted

There are many things we miss from the life before covid-19: seeing friends, working out at the gym, travelling, working and not having to worry about contracting a virus that has the potential to kill someone. After having to let go of several things we have understood what is important.