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The Future of Wireless Mobile Accessories

As we’ve seen over the past couple of years the wireless mobile phone accessory market is growing in large numbers. Thanks to fast innovation we can now charge our phones wirelessly and use our headphones without being plugged into a device.

This is amazing for consumers as it offers convenience and exciting new products. We’ve taken a look at some of the future trends of wireless mobile phone accessories and other factors that may change the way we use our phones.

Wireless Charging

As we all know, wireless mobile phone charging is here, and it’s here to stay. The current technology is slightly limiting though, we see slower charging speeds the need to still place your device on to the charging pad.

We’re predicting in the future due to technological advancements in mobile devices that charging will get much faster. We also predict to see an advancement of the amount of distance you can charge multiple devices. 

Imagine being able to walk into a room and have all of your devices start charging, without touching a thing? That would be pretty awesome and we don’t think we’re far away from that. 


The Future of Wireless Mobile Accessories


5G was hyped up for a long time before it started being rolled out and there has also been some negative press around it. However, we believe it’s here to stay and it will only improve our mobile experience. 

The speeds that 5G can reach might even replace the speed your broadband can provide, so if you’re using a streaming service for example you can tether to your phone for even faster access. 

We do believe however that the full roll-out of 5G will be slow as the range the 5G towers use are much less than 4G for example. On top of that, there aren’t a whole lot of mobile devices that are compatible with 5G yet, however, we believe that this will change soon. 


The Future of Wireless Mobile Accessories

Wireless Audio

Wireless audio feels like it’s been around for a long time, however, it hasn’t been that long since you were plugging your headphone jack into your iPhone to take calls or listen to music.

We believe that wireless audio is the future for mobile devices and we’ll eventually see phones without any ports at all, as we can charge them wirelessly and use our wireless audio devices with them.

This will continue to bring in a new wave of technological advancement, not only to make the ‘best’ audio headphones, but for companies to create affordable wireless audio accessories.


The Future of Wireless Mobile Accessories


Whether you’re into wireless or not, it’s here to stay and it’s only going to grow in popularity and bring in a whole new host of wireless mobile phone accessories we can all be excited about.