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The Best Apps of 2020

As we all know 2020 has been a very strange year for everyone. There has been a lot more time spent at home this year and the way we’ve used apps reflects that change. We’ve taken a look at the best apps of 2020 and why they’ve served us a real purpose this year.

Whether you were learning from home, contacting family members from across the globe, learning a new skill or gaming as much as possible there has been an app for it. Thanks to the amazing power of smartphones we've been able to beat any lockdown boredom! Now let’s take a look at those apps in case you missed any!


There has never been a year where we have needed mobile messaging as much as this one. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to stay as connected so easily. The apps below take a look at how these apps have saved our social sanity!


Messenger is combined with Facebook and allows direct messages to be sent to anyone you're friends with on Facebook. It’s great for sending messages, videos and images with any old friends you’re catching up with. Most people with a smartphone will have this app but if you don’t it’s a must get. Facebook have also just released this app on MacBooks as well for even easier communication with your friends!


WhatsApp is similar to Messenger in some ways and is also created by Facebook, however, instead of communicating with your Facebook friends you add contacts to your address book to contact them. This app has been a game-changer for instant messaging and allows encrypted, free messaging (including international numbers), calls and video calls to anyone in the world with an internet connection (and the app). In the year 2020, this app is an absolute must-have to stay in contacts with your friends and family. 


2020 has been the perfect year to brush up on your cooking skills as staying in has been the new going out. There are a host of recipe apps out there but we’ve found the best ones for you to try. 


Mealtime is the perfect recipe app for busy people. It comes up with healthy recipes to your specification - gluten-free? No problem. It’ll also help you create a shopping list and meal planner. The majority of the recipes on this app take less than 30 minutes, making it perfect for anyone with a full schedule!

Very Veggie

Life long vegetarian or just giving it a go during a lockdown? This app is for you. It includes 134 vegan and vegetarian recipes all available without an internet connection once the app is downloaded. You’ll find the familiar classics as well as some exciting new dishes for you to try. You can also filter the recipes by ingredients so no unneeded running to the store, you can use what you have!


Most of us have to admit that we have probably gained a few pounds during the lockdown periods in the UK. This makes the app Lifesum a perfect new addition to your cooking app arsenal. This app will give you a host of deliciously healthy recipes, a food tracker and personalised meal plans to suit any dietary requirements, giving you the perfect tools to lose the weight you want! 

Health & Fitness

There have been concerns that this year may have made people in the UK more sedentary, no commutes, no going out and no gyms open is a recipe for disaster for people trying to stay fit. We’ve found the best apps you can use to keep the motivation going and to help keep you fit even during this difficult time. 

30 Day Fitness

If you’ve fallen out of your regular fitness schedule then the app 30 Day Fitness can help get you back into it by setting you short manageable goals, exercise plans and tracking options. Most of the exercises you can do from home with little equipment. 

10% Happier

By now everyone has heard of the benefits of meditation and what better time to do it when you're spending more time indoors? Mediation can offer improved focus, less stress and improved sleep but it can be hard to get into which makes this app perfect. It has a bunch of sessions that are 10 minutes or less and gives great guidance for beginners. You also get a host of introductory videos which is perfect for people who like to see visually what they need to do. 

Countless apps can help you achieve goals, beat boredom and improve your life quality. The App Store alone has over 2 million apps to choose from providing different value to you. If this year has been tough on you it’s important to focus on what's important and to continually grow throughout the process.