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The 5 Most Downloaded Apps in October 2020

As the UK sees it’s second nationwide lockdown, everyone's spending a little more time at home once again. We thought we’d round up the most downloaded apps in October 2020 so you can see if there is anything in there that will help you through the boredom. 

TestM Hardware

This app enables you to test an iPhone’s hardware and software systems to make sure everything is working correctly. This app is perfect if you’re thinking about buying a used iPhone as you can carry out a check on it before purchasing. 

You’ll also be able to diagnose any issues you’re having with your phone so you can get it repaired easier. 

The 5 Most Downloaded Apps in October 2020



Gyroscope is an all in one health and fitness app. It’s best used with an Apple watch, however, can be used without. It tracks all of your walks and displays them back in beautiful maps, your sleep and provides you with on board coaching. 

This app is the perfect alternative to the health app that comes with the iPhone and it uses an amazing User Interface to make everything look very slick. 

There isn’t a better time to make sure that our heath is in check so this app is a definite download. 

Vellum Wallpapers

If you want to spice up your phone and not spend 30 hours looking for a new wallpaper then the app Vellum Wallpapers is perfect for you. The app comes with an array of beautifully hand crafted, 4K wallpapers. You can alter certain parts of them to make them even more stunning. 


The 5 Most Downloaded Apps in October 2020



If you’re a fan of Reddit but don’t like the usability on your phone then Apollo is the perfect app for you. The app is specifically design for iPhone users and Reddit, giving you the options of Dark Mode and a Jump Bar for scrolling between subreddits. 


We all know that training our body is good for us in a variety of ways. But have you stopped to think about training your brain? The app Elevate does just that, it trains your brain using different mini games related to maths, memory processing, comprehension and precision. Research suggests that training your brain can improve your confidence and brain function by simply doing 3 training sessions per week. 

The 5 Most Downloaded Apps in October 2020


That’s our top 5 most downloaded apps in October 2020. We hope you find something new within this content to help you through Lockdown 2.0. If you’re buying anything from our store this winter then use code SOCIAL20 at the checkout to get 20% off your order.