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Ten Staycation Ideas

Staycation means being on a vacation at home, without going anywhere. This year it has a whole new meaning as travelling abroad isn’t even an option, so everyone’s vacation has become a staycation. This spring and summer home has been everything – restaurant, work and leisure – and the everyday distance being travelled is the steps between your couch and the fridge. If your summer holiday has already ended, don’t worry as these can give you a mini-holiday even if you have only one day off from work!

1. Go for a hike

Many have spent their extra time by hiking, but could you somehow mix it up this time? Drive to the other side of town and take a new friend with you.

person taking a photo of Golden Gate bridge

2. Be a tourist in your hometown

Explore your town from another perspective: take photos, Google the best restaurants and rent a bicycle. You might learn something new!

3. Board games

Monopoly is a good old favourite, but it might create some tension between friends or family members. On the other hand, Cards Against Humanity has become popular and is better for the group or family spirit. Some games, for example Heads Up, can be downloaded online for free, so a spontaneous session is possible too.

4. Picnic

Some strawberries, cookies, a good playlist and being surrounded by great people – perfect! If it starts to rain, have your picnic indoors instead!

5. Wine-tasting night

This is a fun get-together idea even if you are not sure about how wine-tasting works: finding out will be a good laugh.

man walking on forest

6. Day trip to the countryside

Even though you are not exactly staying at home for a day when you’re exploring the things within an hours’ drive from home, this is a must-do.

7. Make your living room a cinema

A dark room, pick and mix, popcorn with flavouring… Unfortunately watching brand-new movies isn’t possible, but how about a Harry Potter marathon or an old favourite? You will want to do this more often!

8. Camping

This isn’t made for everyone, but in case sleeping in a forest doesn’t sound like a piece of cake, set up a tent in your backyard – or kitchen. If you have no tent, it’s easy to build one with some chairs, a blanket and big sofa cushions! A great way to keep the children entertained.

cooked vegetables in bowl

9. Dessert for breakfast and breakfast for dinner

This one is a favourite for the younger family members, but older ones will enjoy it too for sure. Another option is to make a hotel breakfast or brunch!

10. Spend a day in bed

Sometimes all you need is a day off. Prepare a breakfast on the night before, so in the morning all you have to do is get the tray from the fridge. Make sure a good book or your laptop is close by.