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Stay Connected During Lockdown

Facetiming friends is still a good way to stay connected, but nevertheless after nearly two and half months in lockdown it has become more boring. These are our eight tips for staying connected with your friends in another way!


Follow your friends on Spotify to find new music – maybe you’ll be surprised! Another good idea is to ask your friends to send you their ten favourite songs and create a playlist. If coming up with ten favourite songs of all time is difficult, give your friends a category, for example top workout songs, best 90s hits or ten songs that make them happy.

Book or Netflix club

Read books together with your friends or participate in a book exchange! Remember that some PDF files of books are available online for free, so you don’t need a subscription for an app or wait for a parcel to arrive. Reviewing Netflix series or YouTube videos will also keep you and your friend group something to do and talk about.

four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset

Social media

You can post more regularly, comment on your friends’ posts more or tag them in someone else’s posts. Who would mind receiving a cute puppy post or lockdown meme a few times a week? Asking for recommendations by attaching a question box on an Instagram stories is a great way to find new books, podcasts, series and movies.

Online games

Trivia Crack, 8 Ball Pool and other online games can keep you and your friends busy while learning something new at the same time. Keep in mind that even games like Mario Kart can be played online with friends too!

Leave a surprise behind their door

Bake muffins or buy your friend their favourite chocolate bar and leave it behind their door with a note. If you want to be more mysterious, send the surprise as a parcel!

Photo album

This can be done with or without your friends. Go through your camera roll and find the best photos and funniest memories. You can also spend some time on finding nice frames or an album! A framed photo is also a good gift idea or something you can leave behind your friend’s door to cheer up their day.

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Zoom calls

More and more people are using Zoom both for work and free time purposes due to lockdown. On Zoom, sharing your screen and for example a PowerPoint presentation is easy. Spice up your normal video call sessions by having a quiz night on Zoom instead!

Christmas and birthday presents

If you are someone who leaves Christmas presents until the very last minute or doesn’t remember a friend’s birthday before a Facebook notification, this tip is for you. Now that you have more time in lockdown, getting a head start with gift planning will save you time and stress in the future. Keep in mind that our Leather Bracelet Charger and Key Ring Charger Gift Set is a convenient and an affordable gift!