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Our Top 3 Productivity iPhone Apps

It’s now 2020 and staying productive is a hot topic. It’s almost a necessity in this era to stay as productive as possible and get as much done as possible. Luckily for us, iOS developers are constantly creating and evolving new iPhone productivity apps. It feels like there’s a new life-changing tool every day. Luckily for you, we’ve picked out our top 3 productivity iPhone apps to save your hours researching. 


Evernote is the industry leader when it comes to note-taking apps. There a multitude of features that makes it the best app on the market and we’ll take a look at some of our favourites.

Firstly, you can use Evernote on all of your devices and it keeps them constantly in sync. So the next time you’re browsing the internet on your laptop and you come across something you want to read later on your phone during a commute you can simply drop it in Evernote. This allows you to stay on task and keep everything you need in one place.

Secondly, you can save everything! This includes your thoughts, notes, voice memos, images and files. All in one place and is accessible from any device. This is so helpful when you’re on the go or you want to save something for later.

Lastly, the search functionality. The search function really is amazing in Evernote. It’s so powerful that it is even able to search the text on photo’s you save into the app. Say for example you’re reading a recipe you might want to try one day. Simply take a photo of it, save it to Evernote, then in 3 weeks when you’ve forgotten what it was called, simply search for one of the ingredients and it will find it. This brings organisation to a whole new level. 

Evernote is a must-have on so many different levels and it seriously boosts your productivity so give it a try. 

Our Top 3 Productivity iPhone Apps


If you have problems getting distracted by your phone when you’re trying to do work then Forest is perfect for you. This fun app lets you set a timer for a specific task and then once you hit go a tree will grow but only as long as you don’t use any other apps.

It’s designed to stop you using your phone whilst you work and it’s a very lighthearted way to get things done. After all who doesn’t want their seed to grow into an amazing tree?

Our Top 3 Productivity iPhone Apps


In our opinion, Trello is one of the best productivity apps you can get on your desktop but the fact you can bring it along with you on an easy to use iPhone app is amazing. 

Trello is perfect for organising anything, including your personal to-do lists, work projects, new business ideas and freelance work. You can literally use Trello to organise anything.

The idea is simple, you have a board for a specific project, within the board are lists and cards. Cards fall under the lists and they can contain information such as notes, files and images. You’re able to drag and drop these cards into different lists when needed.


You can also set labels to cards such as ‘Complete’ or ‘In Progress’ to keep track of things. It’s a must-have iPhone app that has so many different uses and features so we highly suggest you check it out if you want to take your productivity to the next level.

Our Top 3 Productivity iPhone Apps