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Is it OK to charge iPhone with iPad charger?

iPads can be charged with iPhone chargers and vice versa. The USB power adapter can fully charge your iPhone and also it is pretty safe to use it with your other USB devices such as iPhone or iPods, etc. they will not damage them anyhow in fact, they will charge your phones faster. has an extensive range of chargers, compatible for both iPhone and iPads. You just need to connect your device to the power adapter charger.

Genuine 1M Apple Charger Cable for iPhone 8 7 6 5 S X + Plus iPad & iPod

iPad and iPhone can be charged by the same power adapters and it is 100% assured and safe to use. And if you want fast charging, it is definitely worth it. Moreover, the good news is it will not damage your device. So choose to buy genuine chargers from CSK Gifts for charging any of your iPhone model, as well as iPad and iPod.