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iPhone 12 Rumours and Release Dates

Some people might think we’ve all gone a little crazy when we start talking about the next new iPhone. It feels like the 11 just came out, right? In the world of tech, the next new product innovation is right around the corner and that’s why we love it. We’re going to take a look at all of the iPhone 12 rumours and release dates we’ve heard.

We’ve all got to admit that the iPhone 11 upgrade wasn’t the most exciting. It seems like every year we get a couple of new features added to the handsets. But when you add up a few years worth of upgrades, for example, the upgrade the iPhone 11 is compared to the iPhone 5 then you realise how much these phones have improved. 

Let’s face it, it’s very unlikely out of nowhere we’re going to see a groundbreaking new iPhone handset.

Another September Release Date?

Nearly every year the new iPhone is released in September so we can almost guarantee that 2020 will be the same. If you’re a die-hard iPhone fan and are looking to pick the 12 up on release date then it’s usually on the second week of September.

We do also need to be realistic, this is only a guess based on previous years. Apple doesn't typically announce their release days until much closer to the time. We’ll be sure to announce the date as soon as we hear it.

Feature Rumours

In our opinion, one of the best things about the Apple Phone is the pre-release rumours. There are always so many being thrown about and this year is no different. 

No Notch

Ever since the iPhone X came out people have been talking about the notch and when they're getting rid of it.

It’s common knowledge that the notch is on the current iPhone so that it can house the Face ID sensor. But people are getting tired of it, they want their full screen back!

Of course, this year's rumours would be nothing about yet again talking about the notch disappearing. 


iPhone 12 Rumours and Release Dates

New Underscreen Fingerprint Scanner 

This leads us to our next rumour, which is the addition of an under-screen fingerprint scanner. It’s rumoured that to eliminate the notch Apple is looking to add the fingerprint scanner instead. 

It’s also rumoured that Apple has been testing a full-screen 3D fingerprint scanner which would make life a lot easier.

In our opinion, it would be a lot better to have both as it can be very inconvenient when Face ID decides to stop working. 


iPhone 12 Rumours and Release Dates

Completely Different Design Shape

There was a rumour last year before the iPhone 11 came out that Apple would be moving back to the old iPhone 5 design and shape. This, of course, never happened.

However, this rumour has come back on the scene for the iPhone 12. We hope this is true as I think most of you can agree, the iPhone 5 design was awesome. 


iPhone 12 Rumours and Release Dates


As it stands none of the current iPhone's support 5G. It has been rumoured though that at least one of the current models, and ALL of the new 2020 models will support it.

For such a large company that Apple is, you really would hope this is the case. 


We hope that Apple can incorporate as many new features into its latest handsets as possible in 2020. It really is becoming a bit boring the small number of extra features each year brings. With people holding on to the handsets longer, Apple will really need to start pulling out all the stops to get us to buy.