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Importance of Routines

As we are gradually returning to normal life, changes are taking place in our lives. Routines play an important role in adjusting to change, but they have other positive effects as well. This is why we think routines are important and our hints for creating one. 

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1. Secure environment for children

Especially for children routines are important as it makes them feel safer and in control of their environment. As they are still learning different things about their surroundings, routines can help keep them focused on the new without additional stress on everyday habits. In addition, research has shown that routines allow children to learn about the tasks within the routine: brushing your teeth is a part of the morning routine and saying “good morning” at the day-care teaches social skills.

2. Quality of sleep

With a regular sleeping schedule, you are more likely to sleep for longer periods without waking up during the small hours. You also wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed. This is important not only for the younger family members but adults as well.

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3. Cutting down on bad habits

No matter if your bad habit is starting to clean up after 10 o’clock in the evening or rarely brushing your teeth, routines can help you change the habit: have a set weekday and time for cleaning and create a morning and evening routine that also includes for example washing your face. For more hints on how to break a bad habit, read our blogpost here.

4. Separating between work and free time

Knowing when you should work and when to relax requires a schedule that is realistic and thought through, but it teaches self-discipline and improves your efficiency. 

5. Stress management

Knowing what is up next can reduce anxiety and stress about the future. It can also ease work-related stress during your free time as you know when to work and when to take it easy.

6. Regular eating habits

Regular eating habits will reduce snacking and can help with weight loss. Eating regularly is beneficial for your health as well.

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7. Getting over a difficult time period

If someone close to you has passed away, you’re going through a breakup or something else has happened, it is a good idea to take life day by day. Routines are great with this as they make you feel in control, even though you couldn’t control your emotions and the things happening. Create a simple routine and list a few things you want to get done that day.


Keep in mind that creating a routine that suits you and your lifestyle might not be easy: it is a trial-and-error process. Routines have to include free time as well – not just “free time” that has been already scheduled for other activities.

A good way to start is considering what you want to get done every day and what is something that should be done every week or every month. You could list things during a normal week and see if there is anything that you hadn't thought of before. Remember to keep your routines flexible and realistic!