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How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

This year has been a crazy one for everyone but this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the festive feeling this Christmas. Although it’s going to be different Christmas is about love, fun and family. If you’re finding it tough then we’ve looked at the best ways you can get into the festive spirit!

Christmas Songs

We all know someone that likes to belt out Christmas songs in the middle of September but this is a sure-fire way to get into the holiday spirit. We’ve listed some of our personal favourites that can be enjoyed all the way through December.

  • Stay Another Day - East 17
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
  • Last Christmas - Wham!
  • Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love
  • White Christmas - Bing Crosby

If these don’t get you in the mood this Christmas then we don’t know what will!

Christmas Movies

Everyone loves a good Christmas movie, whether it’s your December Friday night tradition or you like to gather around the TV on Christmas day, there is one for everyone! We’ve listed some of our favourites below:

  • A Christmas Story
  • Home Alone
  • Elf 
  • Bad Santa
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

These should keep you going over the Christmas holidays!

Christmas Party Tips

If you’ve got family abroad or aren’t able to see your loved ones this year due to what’s going on in the world, we’ve got up with some new ways to spend this Christmas!

Host a digital Christmas party - This may sound strange for a lot of people but with technology where it is we’re able to see our family and friends face to face without being in the same room. Use apps like Zoom, Skype and Facetime to set up a digital party! If you really want to push the boat then hook your laptop up to your TV and it will be like having your relatives with you!

Play your favourite Christmas board games online - Nothing will beat crowding round the Monopoly board to argue about what the rules are but the next best thing is playing online with your friends and family. All the classics like Monopoly, Uno! And Trivial Pursuit are all available on your phone to play online!

Of course, the traditional Christmas party is still an option this year but for many of us, the digital option may be the only way to get into the holiday spirit! 

Christmas Trivia

There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit other than cracking out some Christmas trivia on your friends and family. Below are some questions you can ask this year!

Question: In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what made Frosty come to life?

Answer: An old silk hat

Question: What Christmas decoration was originally made from strands of silver?

Answer: Tinsel

Question: One of Santa’s reindeer shares a name with a famous symbol of Valentine’s Day. Which reindeer is that?

Answer: Cupid

Question: What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

Answer: The Polar Express

That’s it! Our favourite ways to get into the holiday spirit! You can use these alone or together to get you in the mood this Christmas!