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How to Beat Lockdown 2.0 Boredom

On the 5th November 2020, the UK saw it’s second national lockdown. Non-essential retail, bars, restaurants and gyms are now all closed. This means there are a lot of people either working from home or simply off from work due to it being closed. 

Inevitably this can lead to a lot of spare time and possible boredom for some. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the main aspects we learnt from the first lockdown to help keep you sane this time around. 

How to survive lockdown 2 boredom

Keeping Busy 

Saying “keep busy” sounds easy but what are we supposed to keep busy with? There are some very productive ways to keep busy which we will go into more detail further on but if you feel like just waiting it out and doing some small tasks then check out our list below we put together from the last lockdown:

  • Start your Christmas shopping - we’ve got some great ideas here
  • Set small goals throughout the day - writing down small goals and tasks throughout the day can be exceptionally rewarding as you cross them out! Even something as simple as taking the trash out.
  • Get your house ready for Christmas - whether you’re getting the decorations out or just cleaning the spare room this is a great way to pass the time. 
  • Learn a new language - apps like ‘Duolingo’ are perfect for learning some new phrases ready for your next holiday (soon hopefully!)
  • Take an online course - we covered this in our previous blog here, but learning something new is the perfect way to spend your time in lockdown.
  • Learn to cook - there are plenty of apps that can teach you how to cook like ‘KitchenStories’ and ‘SuperCook’. 
  • Organise your wardrobe - again keeping busy on tasks like this will make the time fly by.
  • Learn to make cocktails - ever fancied yourself as a cocktail bartender? Now's your chance to give it a go. Use an app like ‘My Cocktail Bar’. The best bit is you get a delicious drink afterwards!
  • Learn to play an instrument - apps like ‘Simply Piano’ and ‘Yousician’ are great to help get you started. 

These are some great ideas to help keep you busy without too much effort. But if you’re into really capitalising on this time off then keep on reading!

Working on a Side Hustle

In a recent blog, we looked at in-depth ways you can work online and from the comfort of your own home. Now we’re in lockdown this could be the perfect opportunity for you to start!

There are many ways you can work online as we outlined in our previous blog, however, lockdown 2 has given us more incentive to start!

We recommend working on building up some relevant skills in the area you choose and then getting to it! Whether you’re starting your own business or studying to become an online teacher, lockdown 2 is a perfect opportunity to change your life for the better!


Although it may seem odd to suggest exercising and getting fit now all the gyms are closed and we’re being encouraged to stay inside this is the perfect time to get fit. Not only will you have the time to shed some extra pounds but exercise is shown to boost your immune system which is perfect for when you get back to normal life.

We suggest getting an app and following a home workout routine on there. Some of the best ones we’ve found are:

  • CENTR by Chris Hemsworth
  • Sweat with Kayla
  • Tone & Sculpt by Krissy Cela
  • Jillian Michaels
  • Body Love by Anna Victoria

How to Survive Lockdown 2.0 Boredom

Whether you choose to pass the time as much as possible or set yourself some big goals this lockdown, it’s important to keep in mind that this will be over eventually and life will never taste so sweet.