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How much does an iPhone charger cost?

Wonder how much exactly a tiny USB cable for your iPhone costs! It’s way too much but you are lucky to get high-quality power cables for your iPhones at reasonable prices nowadays. Buy quality merchandise from companies like CSK for they have a wide range of universal chargers for your iPhones. They offer universal chargers starting at just 7.99 GBP whereas others are offering single-use chargers at 19 GBP. Some other companies are also offering the iPhone chargers at lower prices as low as 6 GBP but the quality is definitely compromised. So get a premium quality charger for your loved iPhone from CSK Gifts for they are genuine suppliers of iPhone chargers and cables designed for all models. 


Genuine 1M Apple Charger Cable for iPhone 8 7 6 5 S X + Plus iPad & iPod