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Get the Most Out Your iPhone With These Features

Whether you’re new to the Apple iPhone or you’ve been using one since the first release, this powerful device has so many features it’s almost impossible to know them all. You probably paid a lot of money for your new phone so it’s worth investing some time into reading about what it can do. This is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite iPhone features you can start using today.

Dark Mode

Dark mode was one of the most anticipated features of the new Apple iOS for anyone that loves a cool look. Not only does this feature make all of the menus and apps within the iPhone look good but it’s also much easier on the eyes when you’re using your phone in the dark. 

Once you switch to dark mode we think you’ll have a hard time going back to the original skin.

To enable dark mode on your iPhone simply go to Settings then Display & Brightness, and then under Appearance, select Dark.  

Sign in With Apple

Creating accounts on numerous websites and apps can become very time consuming and it’s difficult to remember all of those different accounts. Especially if you’re using a different password for each (which you should be doing). 

We’re probably all familiar with Facebook and Google sign in when using third-party apps and websites. However, this allows these huge companies to collect a vast amount of data about us and how we use those apps and websites. 

Apple has now released its own version of sign-in which is available on the new iOS. It also allows you to hide your email address for the app or website, so no more data collection!

Apple Maps Look Around Feature

By now pretty much everyone uses Google Maps. it’s so convenient to use if you’re walking, driving or getting public transport absolutely anywhere. The iPhone comes pre-installed with Apple’s take on Google Maps but it’s never had any attention due to Google’s superior alternative.

This could be changing now though as Apple works on it’s Maps app. They have come up with a new feature called Look Around. This feature allows you to get a full panoramic, pedestrian view of a street you choose. 

This feature is currently only available in the US and on certain streets, but when it rolls out worldwide it could be a real game-changer for the Maps app. 


These are just a few of our favourite features on the Apple iPhone but there are many many more for you to explore. Spend a little time playing with your phone and you’ll be surprised how much it can actually do, especially if you’ve only been using it to make calls.