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Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas

With Christmas slowly approaching we’re all starting to think about what we can get our loved ones and friends. As most of us know trying to pick out the perfect gift can be a very difficult task.

Below we’ve found some of the best gift ideas you can get your loved ones or friends this Christmas.

Leather Bracelet Charger and Key Ring Charger Gift Set

Our Leather Bracelet Charger and Key Ring Charger Gift Set is perfect for any friend or family member that is always on the move. 

We believe that keeping your phone charged through the day and not having to worry about dragging around a long cable is essential, that is why we have designed our own gift box that includes our new luxury leather bracelet charger and key ring charger. The gift box itself is all white and adds to the great sleekness of this whole design.

The bracelet itself is compatible with all iPhone models from 5 up until the latest 11 Plus Pro model. The key ring is also compatible with the same iPhone models, along with Samsung and Android Models. Both gadgets are very handy and essential items for when you're on the go. 

We believe pricing is very important that's why we've made this gift box £29.99, it doesn't break the bank but is also a brilliant gift to yourself or for someone else, as you can almost guarantee the recipient has neither of these items.


Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas


Earbuds 2 with Charging Case

As we’ve previously written about, the world is moving wireless and what better way to give the gift of wireless earbuds. There’s nothing more in trend right now and our Earbuds 2 with charging case come at such an affordable price of only £49.99.

The 2nd generation EarBuds in-ear wireless Earbuds are compatible with Android and Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac models. This new set of Earbuds comes in its original box with wireless charging case, and supports Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity.

Enjoy high-quality sound with active noise cancellation, as well as a wireless range of 10-15 meters. Thanks to the new H1 headphone chip, you’ll also enjoy faster wireless connection and hands-free, voice-enabled Siri access.


Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas


Name a Star Gift Tin

If you’re looking for a gift that feels extra special then you should check out our Name a Star Gift Tin. With this gift you’ll be able to give the recipient the gift of naming their very own star. 

The recipient will get the following in their gift set:

  • Massive A3 star map
  • Constellations explained
  • Universe explained
  • Confirmation/Congratulations letter
  • Code at back to redeem the star

There are also very simple instructions inside the tin, listing the different items inside and how to use the code online.

Once the star has been redeemed and named by the receiver they will be able to view their star by using Google sky, and this will show them the exact positioning of their star. Google sky also provides an image of their star and they will also be able to zoom in and out.

We also provide a certificate with their chosen star name, the coordinates of their star along with other personalised details on the certificate.


Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas


Wireless Charger for iPhone and Samsung

As we’ve previously stated the world of mobile phones is moving wireless so why not give the gift of a wireless charger for iPhone and Samsung users. This gift doesn’t break the bank and will be the perfect addition for anyone looking to add some convenience to their life. 


Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas


The Importance of Gift Giving

With the year we’ve all experienced it’s so important that we let our friends and family know that we’re thinking of them. Whether you choose to buy the gifts we’ve listed above or not, remember that gift giving isn’t just about what you buy the receiver. It’s letting them know you’re thinking of them which is the most important gift anyone can give.