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13 Things You Haven't Used Your Phone for

We use our phones every day and sometimes even look at them every hour - or 5 minutes. There are unbelievably many things a smartphone can be used for, but often these require a certain app. The following 13 tricks don’t require a new app and you probably haven’t realised to use your phone for these. Read this article to find out more!

1. Convenient lists for packing and shopping

We all know that the notes tool can be used for making lists, but have you ever used the To Do feature? While shopping – or packing – you can tick the box next to the item. The next time you are about to do shopping, you can use the same list – just untick the boxes!

2. Scanning QR codes

You can scan QR codes even without a special app as your phone’s camera recognises them on its own!

3. Find a photo based on its category

Thousands of photos and looking for a specific one? Remember that your phone’s camera roll has a search tool too and it is more useful than you could ever imagine!

black remote control on black textile

4. Check batteries of a TV remote

Simply open your camera and point at your phone with the TV remote while pressing a button. If you see infrared light in the pointer, the batteries work.

5. Text and emoji shortcuts

This is useful if you’re wanting to save some time while texting. On your iPhone, go into Settings, Keyboard and choose Text Replacement. In the upper right corner, you can see a plus icon that you can use to add a new shortcut.

6. Shake to erase text

Made a mistake while typing? Just give your phone a shake to undo!

7. Screen mirroring

Unlike you would think, Chromecast isn’t always needed for this. Depending on your TV, you can do this with YouTube for example.

8. Flight mode for charging

In the need of quick charging? Change into the flight mode and your phone will be charged in no time!

9. Do not disturb mode

Another useful feature that isn’t used as much as it should be. Keep this in mind while working or studying at home.

10. Read text out loud

Sure some apps can do this too, but so does Google Translate. If you have a long text to proofread, just copy paste it to Google Translate and listen to it. You might notice spelling errors you wouldn’t realise otherwise!

aerial view of assorted cars in parking lot

11. Parking lot – take a photo

Taking a photo of your car in a big parking lot will save you some time when you’re trying to find it several hours later. Photos can be used for several other things too, for example taking photos of a rental car to show you haven’t scratched it.

12. Scanning documents

Another thing taking photos is very useful for. If the quality of your camera is good enough, you probably won’t need a scanner.

13, Phone’s search tool

Use this to find a certain app, calendar or a calculator on your phone. So convenient!