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Top iPhone Photographers You Should Follow Today

If you own one of the newer iPhones then you’re holding a serious piece of camera equipment. It’s fairly common for us to take selfies with our phone but not many people realise it’s capabilities of getting amazing photography shots.

We’re a huge fan of iPhone photography. Shots seem to get captured with such good timing and in the most unexpected places. We always have our phone with us but not always our camera gear. 

Sometimes it’s hard to find out exactly who’s capturing these moments with their iPhone so we’ve collected some of our top iPhone photographers that we follow. Check them out to get some inspiration next time you head out with your iPhone. 

David Ingraham


top iPhone photographers

David’s high clarity black and white photographs are amazing to look at either on your phone screen or up on your wall. They’re very ‘artsy’ but he’s definitely worth a follow on Instagram if you’re looking for some photography inspiration.

Rini Ruiz


Rini captures some amazing street shots from around the world. We love the intense people shots Rini get’s from wondering streetwalkers. 

Rini is definitely one of the worlds top iPhone photographers and worth a follow on Instagram.

Brendan O Se


Brenden is able to catch some truly intimate moments as he uses his phone as his camera. He’s easily up there as one of the top iPhone photographers. Brenden hosts his own mobile phone photography workshops, so if you’re in the mood for learning more about iPhone photography you should check out  @theglucksman & @gallery_of_photography_ireland .

iPhone photography might not seem like the most professional skill to have but when done right you can create some extremely appealing pieces from your phone. When you really think about the power you have in your pocket at all times it truly is amazing. 

If you don’t know where to start with iPhone photography then follow us on social media. We share regular tips you can use right away to improve your mobile photography skills. We also recommend checking out the Apple website where they show you how to create some amazing effects with their handset.

Remember though, it’s not all about the gear when getting into photography. Use your imagination and look to capture something special.