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Top 3 iPhone Apps to Crush Your 2020 Fitness Goals

A new year is upon us and like every year we've all set outrageous goals. Typically fitness is at the top of that list for most of us, and it's for a good reason - It's SO GOOD for us! We're going to take a look at the top 3 iPhone apps to crush your 2020 fitness goals to help keep that magic alive.

But first, let's take a look at why fitness is so good for us, as it might be the reason so many of us set 2020 fitness goals.

Exercise is proven to control body weight, combat diseases such as strokes, diabetes, depression and anxiety, improve mood, boost energy, promote better sleep and much much more.

So with all of those benefits, it would seem pretty crazy not to want to get into fitness, right?

We're getting into the middle of January though and those new years fitness resolutions might seem to be fading away. Do you know what will help you get that motivation spark back? A new iPhone fitness app!

Let's take a look at our top 3 iPhone apps that will help you crush your 2020 goals and re-ignite that motivation spark.


Strava is known as the social network for athletes. It's a great place to track your goals and see what other people are up to on their training plans.

It's the perfect app if you're into outdoor running, swimming and cycling. The app tracks these activities and gives you a breakdown of key metrics at the end of each workout. Once you've finished and taken a look over stats you post the workout to your feed, where your friends and family you have added will be able to see the exercise and give you 'Kudos'.

This is such a motivation driver! There's a TON of other features built into Stava, so we suggest you download it n the app store and give it a try yourself.


2020 fitness goals




If you're into weight training, Fitbod is perfect for you. This super customisable app allows you to define everything from your goals to the gym equipment available to you.

The app is straightforward to get started with and allows you to track your progress at every step. It gives you recommended workouts and instructional videos on how to conduct each exercise.

You can set the app to deliver you notifications of your upcoming workouts, and sends you a summary of what you have achieved during the week - which is perfect for increasing motivation.

It's a must-have app for anyone looking to try a new workout in the gym or a total beginner that isn't sure where to start. Grab it in the Appstore today and get that motivation back!

2020 fitness goals iphone app


Ok so if you combine the last two apps we've spoken about and throw in an RPG video game, we get our next app Fitocracy.

Fitocracy is fitness, gamified. You track your workouts, whether they be in the gym or outside, and post them to your Fitocracy account. You'll then earn points, which then, in turn, level you up.

Just like Strava, you add all your friends and family and share your workouts with them, allowing them to give you high gives for each workout.

If you lack motivation when it comes to working out this is the perfect app for you. Especially if you love RPG games!

Check this out in the Appstore, and we guarantee you'll get addicted!


2020 fitness goals

Well, that just about wraps it up, our top 3 iPhone apps to help you crush your 2020 fitness goals. Remember the key to fitness is consistency; you need to form new habits around working out. We think that getting started with one of these apps is perfect for getting you on the right track and for staying there.